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Default Re: schmuck boy right but for the wrong reasons

Now to address the backup BBJ, that changes nothing as long as you are still able to win it someday, it is not like it went down a blackhole or something. In fact this is preferable since it would be more frustrating to win a BBJ reset to $1000 seeded with all house money than one reset to $60K seeded by the BBJ drop.

[/ QUOTE ]

From EV you are completely correct. I am looking at the health of the game. I would prefer that the money stay spread out rather than being won all at once so I can continue to rake it instead of it sitting in a cage someplace. From the card room perspective it is simply a matter of figuring out {loss rake from money being in the jackpot hole} vs. {added business from having a jackpot}. That is very difficult to figure out because there are players that play for jackpots that will give you more games, but lower the per table.

edit to add: A jackpot is clearly +EV to the player if he plays in a market that allows him to pick a big jackpot to play for or alternatively only plays when the JP is big.
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