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Default Re: Business proposition from my uncle

I would be concerned that someone as weird as your uncle sounds could just change his mind a year or two from now and take away any promises he earlier made you.

[/ QUOTE ]

Exactly. I'd get everything in writing and clearly set out. I know someone in the exact same situation except that unlike OP she happens to know a lot about the printing business. She left school to learn the business with the eventual plan of taking it over when the family member retired. A year and a half in she started to notice a change between the use of "our" company and "my" company. She ended up leaving when she realized the plan had changed.

Luckily everything worked out and after leaving she ended up getting talked into going back with the intent of now owning the company eventually. Still even now there is a level of uncertainty but much less then before. It is hard when working with family. You don't want to insult them by wanting to insist on having everything written down but if you don't there is just too much uncertainty.
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