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Default Sports Betting FAQ - changelog 2006

I'll start keeping a log of changes in this post, so its easier to see what was changed recently:
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09.06.2007[*]Linked the excellent Wong Teaser FAQ

08.27.2007[*]Updated SBFFL entry with the 2007 sign up thread

04.15.2007[*]Added an entry on the Chatter Thread to the Sports Betting Forum section

04.03.2007[*]added "how to search 2+2" under the Sports Betting Forum section[*]linked up EnsignLee's "Charts for Tracking Sports Betting" thread in the "how do I track my bets" section.

02.24.2007[*]updated "where can I go for more information" with Waterproof's new URL

01.19.2007[*]Added an entry for "How do I win my NFL pool?"

12.29.2006[*]Added an entry for "Am I sharp or am I square?" linking the thread from TrixTrix

12.07.2006[*]Added an entry for "Should I pay a service (aka "tout") for picks?"?

11.27.2006[*]Added an entry for "What if I make a bet and the line later improves?"[*]Added an entry for "How should I track my bets?" including a downloadable spreadsheet

10.11.2006[*]Updated the formatting, making it easier to read in my opinion.[*]Added a link to the "Tips for the new sports bettor" thread under "What are some general betting tips?" [*]Added links to Homer's in the websites section and the Arbitrage section