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Default Re: UTG question

It really depends on who is playing behind you and what their tendencies are. Below are some instances where it might not be best to make your standard raise.
- if there is a good chance you will get raised by a chronic 3-better sitting to your left, you may just want to limp. This way you would have implied odds to see the flop if it gets raised behind you when you wouldn't have had implied odds to see the flop if you raised and got re-raised.
- if you have people behind you that are stubborn with respect to folding to continuation bets, but are otherwise passive, you may want to limp or make a smallish raise (like 3x the bb) with the intent of inducing multiple calls behind you.
- if you have multiple very tough players behind you might just want to fold as it will be hard to take down the pot with a continuation bet and you will not get paid off enough when you raise and hit a set.

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