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i would limp utg full ring for set equity and try to get in cheap

[/ QUOTE ]
QFT. Implied odds are often too big just fold these UTG IMHO.

At 2NL up to 10NL and even some 25NL tables I even raise these to 4BB UTG. This increases the action I get when I have QQ+ UTG and I can also make a C-bet if I want to. Limping, while not necesarily bad is basically set or fold. Depends on what you want to do and on your opponents.

A lot of times I'm in set or fold mode even if I raise UTG, but it helps to build a big pot for a potentially big hand as well as disguise your hand a little. Over 120k hands, I'm fairly sure that I've won more with each of 33-77 UTG than I have with AKs UTG and I'm raising that obviously, I'll check for you when I get home.

I don't worry about getting 3bet as it doesn't happen all that often at these levels and it pretty much defines most villains' hands. If it does happen I call sometimes depending on effective stack size and/or there is another caller or I fold.
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