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Default How long do I withhold tips? Dealer mistake costs me $1800. (long)

At the casino I play at, if the flop betting isn't complete, but the dealer burns and turns early, the exposed card gets shuffled back in, but before they shuffle, they burn and turn, and the card that previously would have been the river, now becomes the turn. Players bet the turn, and now the exposed card gets shuffled back, and a new river is brought out. Essentially what happened was, I was heads up, and the dealer wasn't paying attention. I bet the flop, my opponent checkraised, and I pushed all-in. Before my opponent had the chance to call, the dealer burned and turned. After the floor was called, and my opponent was informed that the exposed card wouldn't be the turn unless it came out by chance, he decided to call. If the dealer had been paying attention, and doing their job, I win an $1800 pot. Because of their negligence, a new card came up, and my opponent sucked out. Since we were able to see both the old turn and river, I know 100% that I would have won without the dealer mistake. Yes, mistakes happen, and yes, it's possible that this mistake could benefit me. But it didn't. I've never been on the other side of this situation. Dealers have absolutely no accountability. If the casino accidentally subtracted $1800 from a dealer's paycheck, and gave it to someone else, then told the dealer, 'sorry, mistakes happen, nothing we can do' I bet that dealer would be outraged and demand justice. Well, I'm not getting that pot, so I'm thinking about withholding tips until the withheld money is around $1800. I play around 30 hours per week, and probably win 2 pots an hour. That works out to 30 weeks of not tipping. Maybe 25 since sometimes I tip more than a dollar. As a professional poker player, EVERY mistake I make costs me money. Dealers should be held to the same standard. Perhaps I'm being childish, but I'm owed 1800 and this is the only way I could think of to legally get it back. Thoughts?
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