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Default Re: ipoker bonuses vs. the rest


talking on a forum is not backing up what u say.

[/ QUOTE ]
This is a bonus forum, I made a statement about clearing bonuses at OnGame and how I did it. You were skeptical, I showed you some stats which "backed up" my statements, you went on some childish rant from there, which apparently you're still on.

There is a way to stop from ever having 15BI downswings and that's to be a weak tight nut peddler.


show me the munney mr this. i want to se how ez u clear ongame bonuses at microlimits.

[/ QUOTE ]

I clear them at a rate of 1 point for every dollar of rake in which I have contributed.

Back on topic.

At a mix of 50PLO and 25PLO I played something like 3500 hands for every 1000 points. So for $200 (5x) bonus at Tower.

Clearing the Savvy bonus at Noble Poker I gained $10 in Noble bonus money in 344 Hands. So a 10x bonus at Ongame would compare favorably with one of the easiest iPoker sites, for me at least. I hope that helps the OP.
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