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Default Re: NL600 TP in river trouble

Hmm Flush beats you, and 9 beats you. We can safely say doesn't have AK because he limped UTG prior to your preflop raise.

He checked on the flop so we can probably say he doesn't have a KJ, KT.

He called your flop bet so unless he's trying an OOP float or something crazy like that we can nail it down to a 9 or a flush draw, possibly a pocket pair.

So either he has a Flsuh draw that made it on the riv or maybe a 9 that turned trips (which he tried to C/R on the turn). Pocket pair I would think he would just check the river trying to show down.

I don't see how he could have air here. Fold.

Or is he just a huge fish that would call the flop bet with air?
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