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Default Re: Ask Howard Treesong About Law or Lawyering

My opinion: Dickie Scruggs is a massive scumbag. Your thoughts?

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Let's just say that I thought his position on the Katrina cases was horrible for our society in the long run. Contracts and the certainty of obligations really do matter. Insurance companies are no shining lights -- and I dislike many of the players in that industry -- but I thought Scruggs' position simply ignored critical limations in insurance contracts and was tantamount to theft. I don't know him personally nor do I know anyone that does. If he's guilty of the conduct charged in the indictment then he is absolutely a scumbag.

Hypothetical: Let's say I get pulled over by the cops and they want me to do the DUI dance. I had two beers but I know I am under the .08 BAC limit. Do I dance or do I demand to be taken down to the station for a blood test?

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I'm a total layman on this issue. I think my own inclination would be to go for the blood test, on the theory that it's most likely to be accurate (as compared to breathalyzer or the dance). But this precise issue is why I call a car service when I'm drunk.
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