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Default Re: Omaha in the Bay Area

I thought the 10/20 Omaha/8 game at Lucky Chances was Thursdays. The Tuesday game was the short-lived return of pot-limit.

(I checked my journal and I'm sure it was Thursdays in the past... but last time I showed up on Thursday it wasn't running.)

I haven't seen an Omaha game run at Garden City except for the day of their Omaha tournament last May; certainly not at 6/12.

Bay 101 4/8 Omaha may not be all that live. Artichoke Joe's gets a table or two running on Wednesdays from people leaving the 1/2 Hold'em 1/2 Omaha tournament, but I think not other days of the week. ( says only Wednesday and Friday.)

[/ QUOTE ]

i was wondering if it was tues. or thurs. myself after i posted that. im simply not sure but youre probably right.

regardless a call to the brush could clear it all up if op was interested.

i believe the GC game is new, it was discussed in a thread here elsewhere. ill try to dig it up.

joes seems to spread o8 whenever the interest list is suitably large.
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