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Default Re: Ben Stein: XLF - Financial SPDR


I'd probably go for the financials. You got 7500 to invest. Break it into three chunks and average it in. Put 2500 in now since the market has "corrected" 10%. If it truly is a correction, then the 2500 will show a profit when the market resumes its uptrend. If it isn't a correction, but rather the first leg of a downtrend, then you can pick two more points on the way down to put in your other two 2500 chunks. You should be able to get a pretty good entry point as your basis for the next 40 years.

I'd stay away from the emerging markets right now. They have run up. If the dollar turns stronger, these investments aren't going to look real good comparative to the US assets.

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I don't want to put all of my money into one thing. I'm looking at either 2 or 3 different index funds or ETFs. I do realize that the Emerging Markets have made a good run, and you're right, I should probably look for something else. I used to hold a Small-Cap ETF and a Dividend ETF and they did pretty well for me over a 2 year period. I just don't know where to go now, but I'm looking into holding them for a long period of time and so short-term variance is not a big deal.
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