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Default PC asdf config. vs. console controller

My first console was an Atari and my last was the first Playstation. Almost all of my gaming since then has been on the PC and this primarily consists of FPS and MMORPGs. I've decided to pick up an XBOX because watching the Guitar Hero commercials and reading the thread in this forum is killing me a little more everyday.

The problem is I'm having a difficult time adjusting to the thumbsticks after using the asdf keyboard configuration for so long (specifically talking about FPS games - I seem to be fine with sports). I'm not as fluid with the controller as I am with the keyboard and I have to focus on the controller a lot more where the PC is more natural. Obviously this detracts from the enjoyment of the game.

Has anyone else experienced the same when making the transition? Is it simply a matter of time and getting familiar with the controller or have do some PC gamers continue to struggle? At 36 I'm definitely older than most of the posters in this forum who have probably used the thumbsticks for as long as they have been gaming. This old dog is having a tough time learning this new trick though.
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