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Default Re: Heartland poker tour - Casino Del Sol - Tucson, AZ, 11-10 to 11-18

Hey Deborah I played the HPT event in denver as well!!! As a matter of fact I just saw your pic you posted and realised that we actually talked a little on the elevator. Small world. I took 27th (just inside the money) for $2,700. I enjoyed it a lot. Yes they were handing out out of turn buttons like crazy but it didn't bother me as i am sick of players not obeying rules and it really is not enforced to well here. I have played the WSOP too and enjoyed it and will play again but it was nice of heartland to find a way to bring a bigger buy-in event here to CO.

i enjoyed it and will be back when they host the next one in april but i have no plans to play other heartland events around at this time.
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