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Default Re: SSNL [cheese] thread: NOV Pt 2 (nc)

foldequity - pls stop posting coolers where dudes get it in with 2pair or FD+overcards or wateva and be like... LOLOLOL EVERYONE IS CRAZY!!!! sure that dudes preflop call is kinda spewy but he's probably doing that because he knows he can take it away so much with flop c/r (wats ur wwsf again? 30?)

[/ QUOTE ]

If you really believe that that's a "cooler", then more power to my style I guess.

I mean what do u think a 19/10's UTG+1 opening range is? How many flops do you think I'm Cbetting with an AF of 1? How much do you think I'm folding if I'm going to 26% of showdowns? How often are my calldowns wrong if I win 58% of them?

IMO, versus my range, this hand is a pure donation, start to finish.