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Default Re: **** OFFICIAL Champions League 2007-08 Thread!*****

I agree TSC.

Thing is if he has another monster season they could probably get 45 million euros for him, maybe more. He has a legit shot at winning the golden ball this year, though he probably won't.

As I said in whatever summer thread, I think this season we'll find out whether Sevilla are going to be a team like Valencia, just behind the big two and every year having a real chance at winning the league, or like Deportivo de la Coruņa - a team that had a couple amazing seasons and will fade with team coming back every once in a while.

Sevilla have run ridiculously well on the transfer market for young players. There are a few amazingly talented youth squad players in addition to the guys on the very good, young first team. It's not going to be easy to redo this run so becoming big club is important for the success to continue long term.

I think it'll happen if Sevilla finish top 4 in the league, get past the group stage of the CL and win at least one cup including the two supercups (Supercopa de Espaņa first leg starts maņana). On the other hand if Sevilla get bounced by AEK, get thrashed by both Real Madrid and AC Milan, and finish out of the top 4 we will probably see a selloff soon.
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