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Default Re: who does tOSU play in the title game?


No, in most years they wouldn't get the NT game because most years there are two more deserving teams. Therefore I don't think it would be a problem. Moreover, can't your same argument be applied against Ohio St? I fail to see much of a difference. Look at Oh St's out of conference schedule. The only reason Ohio St is in is because they were higher in the preseason polls which is complete BS.

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It has nothing to do with preseason rankings. A lot of people liked Hawaii in the preseason. What it has to do with is Hawaii playing a terrible terrible schedule that makes Ohio State's schedule look like an NFL schedule by comparison. Boise State was the only Top 50 team that Hawaii played this year. By comparison, Ohio State played 5 Top 50 teams. 4-1 > 1-0 in my opinion.
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