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Default Re: ATs in the BB, villain springs into life

These are tough spots for me, as I never know what to do.

I cant see him being on a bluff here, because if he were going to bluff at this pot, doing it on the flop when it got checked to him would be the logical play. That 7 doesnt really help anything, draw wise, so its not like he could have picked up a draw to semi bluff. I'd prolly just fold the turn as anything in his range has us beat and I dont think he is bluffing a high enough % of the time.

That river bet looks kind of scared to me, I dont think a bluff c/r shove would be bad, a flush draw is definitely in your range. He doesnt have a lot left behind tho, but hed still be getting a little worse than 2-1. But I dunno if hed be capable of folding 777 (which is his most logical holding), so id want a read before I did it. And Im not saying it would be a standard play or something, but its definitely something to think about in these spots.
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