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Default Re: Harrah\'s vs. Showboat (AC)?

I'm heading down to AC this Sat to play in a tournament and then probably some 1-2NL cash games. It looks like both Harrah's and Showboat have $100 tournaments on Sat afternoons, so I'm just wondering which is the better overall poker room for cash games (considering things like overall comfort of room, dealer/floor quality, wait list times, food, caliber of competition, etc.?)

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Keep in mind, Showboat runs 3 tournaments on Saturdays. 11AM and 2PM are $85+$15, and 7PM is $100+$20. 10,000 chips, except for 7PM, which is 15,000.

Showboat room is confortable. Nice big tables, and they do not start 11-handed any longer. Dealers are good, never had a problem with any of them. Floor persons are OK, sometimes make questionable calls, but for the most part are right. Drink service is pretty good, better then I have seen at some other places. Server usually comes around every 15-20 minutes. Showboat has the only male cocktail server I have seen. There is a light food menu, although I have never seen anyone eat and play in the tournament. For the most part, the cash game players order food and play at the same time. Tournament is pretty soft, I think they tighten up a little on the weekend, but not by much. Strucure is decent, so you have a little time to wait for a hand. You don't need to be a total LAG, but I would not fold every hand waiting for aces either. A lot of players love to limp or call raises with K/7, Q/8, etc., and two suited cards are always good for a limp or call a small raise.

I played at Showboat last Wednesday night. I was a total donkey and LAGtard, and was down to 5,000 chips in only 20 minutes. I came back to finish 16 out of 90.
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