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Default Re: Harrah\'s vs. Showboat (AC)?

I'm a regular at both of these casino's, I prefer to play at Showboat but lately I have been finding much softer games at Harrah's. I believe that their tournament structures are about the same, however from what I've seen Showboat gets more players for their tournaments. Showboat's room is very quiet and on the second floor away from the main casino floor whereas Harrah's room is kind of crammed in the corner behind the cafe. The dealers and floor people are great at both casino's and I've seen very few if any dealer mistakes at either casino. I'm not sure about wait list times as I usually arrive early in the day but when I do get there later I usually don't wait more than 10 minutes for a seat.
You can't go wrong with either one but like I said I've been finding much softer games at Harrah's.

Good Luck!
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