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Default Re: My tournament vs. efficacy in a nutshell (semi-LC)

hand 1 J9s I dunno. depends a lot on his 3bet range I think whether to raise flop or turn or river

hand 4 A4o is bad. you think he is paying off with worse or are you turning your hand into a bluff? I think c/r flop is better. when he bets the turn after you peel that flop his range is a lot stronger unless there is some metagame stuff going on I don't know about. also we don't give free cards to hands that would prob call our flop c/r and fold turn UI

hand 5 58s bet flop

hand 6 Q3o preflop seems really bad

hand 9 A9o bet turn don't give free cards to weak draws that would fold and charge his good draws/pairs that realize you're taking a showdown line and can play v well vs you

hand 11 bet turn
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