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Default Re: ***Official 2007 49ers Thread***

Atleast we have a couple of players to work with. The problem is one of them isn't our QB.

P. Willis-Straight up stud.
Davis-Young, erattic but talent to be a stud.
Gore-Irratic this year but if o-line decides to come around could be a stud.
Lawson-When healthy was pretty solid.
Staley-Playing pretty well.

Others of note:

M. Lewis-Was bad last year in Philly, but has been solid for our D.

Players that are killing us:

Larry Allen-Alright i guess last night but has been bad this year.
Jennings-Guy has to go, please do it quickly.
Harris-Getting old. Was great last year, but that was last year.
Young-Been solid but getting old. Please retire.
Rest of d-line. Pathetic.
D. Smith-Leave the team.
Moore-You need MOOORE minutes.
Smith-Either step up or we will replace you. Get your shoulder healthy.
Rest of O-line-Please start playing together and stop sucking.
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