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Default Re: Why online poker sucks.

Hey stop, while i dont agree with a lot of what youve said, i do agree that the rake is far too high in most online games.

However, its not even worth arguing about it on here. Awhile ago, I merely brought up the point that IMO the "standard" rake that is common online today is not optimal for the growth of the games and the future of online poker. For this i was flamed repeatedly.

This forum is full of shills who will try to make you feel stupid for questioning the profit margin of the major poker sites. They feel that the rake is great the way it is for two reasons. Either they are affiliated with some site, or they make a living playing on a site and think that those who complain about the rake are just poor players. Then they talk about rakeback and try to equate rakeback or fpps with a lower rake which is just stupid.

You will not be able to have a constructive conversation on this forum about this subject. No one seems to care that the low limits are where beginners start out and that right now it is harder than ever for them to win. They just say "move up limits then you will hardly notice the rake... blah blah blah." Nevermind the fish who are getting picked apart by the rake at the lower limits. These fish have a far smaller chance of going on a hot streak winning a little bit, and then donking it off at the bigger tables.

Anyways IMO the combination of the high rake and the better players is making for a far lower percentage of winning players at the lower levels. AND THIS IS VERY BAD FOR THE GAME.


[/ QUOTE ]
I am not affiliated to anything and I would like to see rake as low as possible. All players would benefit by greater profit or less losses. The vast majority of all posters here would like the same thing.

If you want a sensible discussion then post your view but be open minded as to the responses you get, especially when they don't agree with you.

Poker sites are there for one reason - to make profit for the sites owners. They are not a charity and noboby forces you to play there. As with any business there is a cost to pay for their services or goods. The art of a good business is to find the optimum level to charge their customers. Poker sites seem to have decided that their rake structure achieves their aims. Judging by the amount of traffic on poker sites I think they are probably right with the rake structure.

Would I like it cheaper? of course - then again I want cheaper car insurance, travel, food, drink, houses, clothes, mobile phones, internet connection, furntiture........................................ ........etc. It is a never ending list - apart from cheap women. I don't like them.

[/ QUOTE ]

I'm open minded, but most of the people who disagree take uncharitable interpretations of every thing you say, appear to be on the payroll and start in with the insults. lol.
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