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Default Re: What Book Are You Looking Forward To The Most in 2008?

This looks like the list from 1997. I swear most of these books have already been written.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yes, quite a number of these books look to be reprints/new editions. When putting the list together, I had to make the decision whether or not to leave them on there. Since some people may not have read the originals, I left them in. The only books I culled from the list were ones that applied lessons learned through Texas Hold'Em to the "real world."

The 2plus2 books were not listed on Amazon, due to publisher's policy, but were included in this list because they had been mentioned in other threads.

The books I don't think will be published in 2008, due to being pushed back previously, are Negreanu's Power Hold'Em Strategy and the two books by Blade. I included Power Hold'Em because it would be a major omission, in my opinion, not to include it and I included the Blade books because the thread about them had been quite active recently.

I want to make one more thing absolutely clear. I have no connection with 2plus2 or any other publisher of any kind of book. I am just an avid reader of books in general and a collector of poker books.
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