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Default Re: Fulltilt froze my account with 47 grand in it

sillysal - Would still be curious as to your explanation of the whole situation/case and/or what all was discussed between you and Mike as well as FT.

It seems you have not been entirely forthcoming with 2+2. Assuming that is correct I have to say it is somewhat forthcoming.

What programs were you using? Why does FT think you were using a bot?
I think you have a fair idea of what exactly you were doing/using that made FT think this but you still seem reluctant to share.
What are your explanations for the other accounts you may have had?

I think you are rapdily coming to the point where you have nothing left to lose by becoming entirely forthcoming anyway.
If you think that the majority of the 2+2'ers would look at the WHOLE truth and determine that you were in the wrong and deserved to have your funds confiscated then I'm guessing the majority would probably be correct.

Since most people are leaning more towards you being guilty of something inappropriate on FT anyway i'm really not sure why it should matter. Just come clean with everything you did and what you believe FT thinks/knows.
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