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Default Re: Rakeback vs Table Selection

Hi Zorlac,

-I used to play on PS too, 25NL ring and 4.40/180 SNG; I start playing around noon Eastern Time (US) and made the switch to Full Tilt (reason being 600$ bonus+rakeback).

-When it comes to "player base", the most noticeable difference between the 2 sites is found in SNG's, not so much in ring games: 180's at Full Tilt take ages to start.

-I think players on Full Tilt are slightly better, yes. Some are really good. But there's plenty of fish too. Most of the time I can find 4 or 5 tables that fit my needs just fine, instantly. And 5 tables is about all I can handle at the moment.

-When it comes to rakeback: I played 27.6K hands this month, and have 62$ RB pending (still clearing the first time deposit bonus, which gets deducted from rakeback). So normally it'll be a bit more - just to give you an idea what to expect.

-I ran bad when I first started out here, lost 17 buy-ins in about 10 days time; but the deposit bonus and rb really did even out the bad run (and I learned to play longer, on more tables).

-Do I prefer rakeback over FPP reward system? Absolutely. I'm not whining about running bad or rigged sites, I'm man enough to admit I play retarded at times too (well, losing confidence doesn't really help). It's just that those extra 2.5 buy-ins at the end of the month fit me a lot better than a Moneymaker poster or a far-away supernova status.

-Just a thought: maybe sign up through an affiliate, check out for a while if you fancy the action, and then decide if you want to make the switch or not?
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