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Default HU hand from 30r

so a friend of mine played this hand while heads up in the tilt 30 rebuy a few days ago:

we have approx a 3:1 CL on villain. this is the 7th hand of HU so no real reads but we know him to be very aggro and spewy. in a previous tourney a few weeks ago villain cold 4bet shoved on our threebet with KQo and no fold equity. the hand (might not be 100% accurate but close enough):

blinds 5k/10k, we have approx 1.1 mill to villain's 340k. villain limps button, we raise to 40k with 77. villain calls. flop Q Q 9 rainbow, we lead 55k and he shoves for 300k total. what range do you put him on, what's your play, and why?
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