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Default Re: Stud8 - (AA)4 , did I put in the appropriate amount of action here

yea i guess not. i just think that it's highly unlikely he has a straight, so he prob wouldn't reraise us and we cud check behind on riv if we dont improve but bet if we do.

[/ QUOTE ]Actually, due to the action on 4th street a straight draw is very improbable for us. In fact, any low is pretty improbable since we then had to hammer 4th with 3 low cards and a T against a likely pair (with or without a 3-low) or a 4-low.

4th locks us pretty hard to exactly big pairs or better. There's no way we have 52 in the hole.

So thinking about it I hate raising 4th, ever with these boards, and don't like raising 6th if we do raise 4th. Especially as he showed an ace it's very hard to imagine us feeling too comfortable with anything but AA and TTT or rolled to start with. I don't think KK in the hole sees that as a prime raising spot very often.

Had we called on 4th I would've been fine raising 6th. As is, we've limited the upper strength of our hand far too much and can't credibly threaten any low very much.
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