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Default Re: 400NL- TPTK on dry board vs. very weird line...

Have you ever seen him donkbet before? Any hands that have gone to showdown that make you think he might be a good player or a big donator?

I now see that you view him as probably a loser in this game. Given his high pre-flop raise %, I'm inclined to not believe he has TT, AA, AT, or 33 here. I guess A3 is the only real big possibility.

I'm really leaning towards calling both the turn and river here given what I feel I can guage about this player, but I'm still not 100% with a read yet. Might call here just to see how he is playing if I'm going to be playing this much with him. Something in reading this thread is just making me think he is a hyper-aggro fish.
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