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Default Re: 400NL- TPTK on dry board vs. very weird line...


I need better stats or reads here. Aggression by street? Donk-betting %'s? Do we have a significant sample for these things?

I'm ok with calling the flop if you don't think he will pay off with worse if you raise, but I somehow doubt this. I'd raise the flop to $150ish with the intention of getting this in against most bad players.

What exactly is a 42/26 regular? I mean is he actually a 6-tabling on 4 hours a day, regular? I'd find that very hard to believe that he wouldn't be spewing money that way.

If he is just a very, very loose good player, then this river is an easy fold. I'm just not quite exactly sure what our specific read is on this guy. How many hands do we have on him?

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks for your input, I should have been more specific I guess.

I have 800 hands on villain. I'm new to this site so I don't know that much about him but he's 3/4 tabling the 400NL games (those games are very soft) and I've seen him doing this on 3 different days.

PF AF: 1.2
Flop AF: 4.4
Turn AF: 3
Rvr AF: 3

His C/R % is 1.3

There's not much more I have on him...

The reason I didn't raise the flop was that I didn't want to shut the 3rd player out who's a huge station and would have overcalled with any piece.
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