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Default PartyBets spam-bar killer - version 2

the symbol for the ahk-script doesnt appear in my taskbar,however, it is running nonethe less.i have to start partypoker,log on, and then start the ahk.script.
starting the script and then opening party doesnt work for me,but the other way round is ok.

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Yep, this script doesn't work like most AHK scripts: basically you just have to run it once to send a command to turn off the PartyBets bar and then you're done until the next time you run Party.

If you want to have a version that you run before starting Party then you can try this:

<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>; PartyBets scrolling-spam killer v2
; ==================================
; Simply run this app to kill the CPU hogging PartyBets scrolling-spam bar.
; - CPU usage on my machine goes from 5%-25% spikes right down to constant 0%-1%!
; - Must run this *BEFORE* starting Party.
; - If it fails sometimes try increasing the sleep timeout from 1000ms.

#SingleInstance force
DetectHiddenWindows On

WinWait, PartyAccount Login

; ### You might have to increase this value if it fails sometimes. ###
Sleep, 1000

; Kill PartyBets spam window (WM_COMMAND = 0x111, ID_EXIT=2126).
PostMessage, 0x111 , 2126, 0, Internet Explorer_Server3,

WinWaitClose, Status
Reload</pre><hr />
If you find that sometimes it doesn't work then you'll need to change the line which says "Sleep, 1000" to use a larger value than 1000ms.

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