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Default QQ hand -- moved from MTT Community

Again, at work, no hand histories...

I am in the small blind with about 5500 in chips... still below average, blinds are 150 300 with an ante:

Early position big stack raises to ~800. I think he could have a wide range of hands.

Middle position comes over the top to ~2100. He has a hand IMO. ~2100 leaves him with maybe 2500 behind.

I have QQ in the SB, is this an easy shove? My thoughts... Big stack doesn't have to have a hand, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have one. Middle position player has to have a hand, he is pot committing himself no matter what comes on the flop, and I still have to worry about the BB. HOWEVER, I have QQ... and I am short stacked. How do I fold.

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