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Default Re: ***Official 2007-2008 NHL Season Thread***

i've always hated toskala, i thought he was overrated and overvalued and a liability in the net. the only reason he had such a great record was because the offense put up 6 goals a game when he played and the defense would hold the opposition to 25 shots or less most of the time. nabakov on the other hand was stuck with 2-3 goals of offense defending 40 shots a night.

[/ QUOTE ]

You do understand that this is variance at its best right? I agree that Nabby is a far better keeper, but Toskala was far from a liability.

Bell was a HUGE bust last year, but I would not of minded seeing Guerin back. Roenick will bring additional leadership as well as a strong game even though his best games are behind him for sure.

BTW, I was at the Sharks-Ducks game on Fraday and the Sharks owned them the entire game!!!! I figure that will be status quo for the entire upcoming season.
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