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Default Re: ***Official 2007-2008 NHL Season Thread***

I agree that Colorado's only serious weakness is it's goaltending. Budaj < Backstrom = Roloson << Kipprusoff = Luongo. But I love the look of it's offense and defense, especially with Smyth and Hannan added this offseason. If Svatos and Hejduk don't underachieve again...

Everyone always plays the "how does this old team of nothing but veterans keep winning" on Detroit, and I never really buy into that, but this year I tihnk I will, to an extent. Not sure why, but they're just another year older, now. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

as for the east... I hope Philly turns in a big comeback year. I think Toronto will do better than expected as well, and Washington will be better as well.
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