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Default How can i get some

So I've made out with this girl a couple times in the past, and a couple months ago her best friend had a big crush on my best friend blah blah blah so ended up being around her alot
I had all these ridiculous goofy baller esque moments with her, halloween for i'm at her house at and decided to get bold by pushing sexual envelope "lets go upstairs to ur room" and she awkwardly ignored me
another time recently we kissed, but didn't make out

So anyway the whole thing kinda confused me n i just stopped hangin with her

Find out through some inside info tho that she's still in love with her ex boyfriend, she made plans to visit him over thanksgiving (jus did) and new years blah blah blah.... makes sense and explains her reluctiveness

ANYWAY... today is my birthday and opposed to doing nothing or a extremely casual facebook hello, i get a happy birthday text

have a fraternity cocktail party in a week,,,thinking of inviting her..... advice?

Cliff notes: girl i've made out with in the past was very reluctant to do anything sexual with me in recent times because she's in love with her ex BF still and made plans to visit him, recieved happy bday text from her... does this give me an opening to invite her to cocktail party n get some lovin'?
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