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Since everyone in this thread loves cat if anyone has advice for driving cross country with a cat PM me as I am leaving tomorrow.

[/ QUOTE ]

When I moved cross-country from Atlanta to Sacramento my cat rode with me in the rental truck.

She was fine, I let her out of the 'box' and she'd drape herself on the back of my neck while we rode.

It took maybe a day longer than it would have done because she'd start to freak a little after ten hours or so on the road. I didn't tell any of the motels that I had her with me. Just made up a litter box, showed her where it was, and we'd kick back on the bed and watch TV.

I sure miss that cat. She got old and sick and had to be put down about the time I got married [img]/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]
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