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Default Re: Heroes - 11/26 - A whole bunch of stuff going on

WTF the writing is so bad.

At the end, the Hiro/Peter thing, why would Hiro say he has to stop him because "he killed my father?" WTF He just [censored] went back in time and saw that Adam is evil because he is attempting to kill off all of humanity, why the [censored] doesn't he say that? "HES TRYING TO RELEASE A VIRUS AND KILL ALL HUMANITY!" I also like how Hiro once again used his excellent "slowly run at them while yelling" fighting style that he used against Sylar. Obviously the only way to stop insanely overpowered individuals is slow motion charges with medieval weaponry.

Although Peter is so retarded he would prolly be like "nooo we are saving humanity adam is goot"

Everything with Claire is awful. Ditto the copy cat chick, seriously what the [censored], I do not care about these people at all.

Also I'm so excited about the Mexicans, we are halfway there!
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