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You cant really put an opponent on one specific hand. I think you have to put them on a range of hands.

Do you have any other reads on villain?
As for the way you played it. I dont mind the re raise but hate how you'll be out of position for the rest of the hand Some people will just call here I usually re raise especially if villain has been raising from late position a lot. As played on the flop I dont think villain has an over pair as i see villain re raising flop with jj,QQ,KK,AA and a set. Turn isnt a great card but I dont think it helps villain and correct me if im wrong but if you keep betting your controlling the size of the pot. River If your planning on going all in i would probably check because if he is on a draw you may induce a bluff and i dont see a worse hand calling your all in bet. I may be wrong or others may have a different opinion. (If i am please correct me)
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