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Default Re: **********November Low Content**************

every day game i play in:

raise UTG AA23, 3 spades. guy to my left 3 bets, 2 cold calls, blinds call. i cap. all call, six way action.

flop (24 SBs): 765, two diamonds. i bet, guy to my left raies, nobody folds, i 3 bet. all call.

turn(21 BBs): Ace. i bet, guy to my left raises, next guy calls, 3 folds, i 3 bet, guy to my left caps, we both call.

river(33 BBs): 7. i bet, both call. 36 BB total

guy to my left had 23KQ and gets quarter, guy calling down the whole way mucks, i show AA23 for 3/4.

and i STILL lost this session. (although i admit i played terribly for the rest of the session)
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