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Default Re: Best $10k events of the year?

I would have to agree that the EPT structure for this year is very very good, ok there only 60min levels compaired to 75 or 90 min levels else where. But it uses a schedule very simular to the WSOP 2006. The only level I notice missing between the WSOP 2006 schedule and the EPT sechdule is 250-500-50, however the ept does play 75-150 which I have not seen in any other event meaning that other than the jump from 25-50 to 50-100 the blinds never double in the rest of the event. Also the ante does not begin until 150-300, rather than the usual 100-200, some people prefer this others don't. Overall i think the EPT has one of the best structures around.

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The difference between 60 minute levels and 90 minute or 120 minute levels is HUGE.

I think the WSOP structure with 60 minute levels is OK for a $2k event---as you will get the crapshoot all-in fest associated with that level of rake; but this structure sucks for an 8k euro (11k usd event). Maybe if the rake were scaled waaaaay back it would be OK, but this is extremely unlikely to occur.
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