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Default Re: Best $10k events of the year?

Actually the EPT event that we played recently had amazing structure, and the final table structure is even better because they don't change anything for the television broadcast.

[/ QUOTE ]

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't it 15k starting chips, start at 300bb, and level 19 was 8k/16k with all levels 90 minutes. What is amazing about that?

Compare to say the LAPC with 20k starting chips, start at 400bb, level 21 was 10k/20k, all levels 90 minutes. Oh, and rake in LAPC $400 or $500 compared to $780usd for EPT Monoco.

On a positive note, the structure for the 2008 EPT Championship is improved (e.g. added levels such as 500/1000, 1200/2400, 2500/5000, etc.) with the same 90 minute levels, so I would now put this event at or near the top of my second group.
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