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Default Re: Final vB Testing

I think I found a bug - when we switch to the mobi skin there doesnt seem to be a way to switch back. I feel like I am stuck in emacs. How do I fix this?

[/ QUOTE ]

You don't switch to it on your PC. [img]/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

Actually this is something I hate. the mobi style has to be user selectable for the auto switching to work. There are a couple ways to get back, mostly with the back button. I was actually interested to see how people today would solve this. Another link will probably be added to it.

Mobi does have a lot of mod abilities. Was impressed by that. It's going to be possible for people with smartphones to deal with posts anywhere if they want for the first time. It's not easy enough to navigate 2+2 from a phone right now to do anything, so whatever here is a bonus to me. Aside from the default, mobi is also the only style used that was created by others. We'll have to tweak it a bit more. Open to color suggestions too.
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