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Default my pastor divorced his wife and married a sophomore

cliff notes at bottom

ive gone to a private school my whole life, and one of the youth pastors at my elementary school tranferred to my middle/highschool at the same time i transferred. So needeless to say i had grown close to this man.

It took a few years for me to realize his true personality. My senior year in highschool he divorced his wife of ten years(which as a youth pastor is a big deal in itself) and decided to quit my privte school. So as being one of his best friends, considering i have been in multiple fantasy basketball/baseball/football leagues as well as accompanying him to several mlb as well as nfl games. He was also my varsity baseball coach for two years, so needless to say i thought i knew him very well. then i was utterly shocked by the news that he divorced his wife of 10 years to marry a sophomore from my highschool who i also knew very well, i know this never went public but i am really sure that if someone actually put together a solid timeline and story of this that it would actually make a great story, however the private school i went too will not let anyone leak the story for fear that they will be "blackballed" from the community which is very prestigous, considering we all signed legal contracts in order to attend the school which keeps anyone from making public statements about the school or any incrimenating statements about school officials withough school consent, and the school will make no official statement on the issue, i finally present my question, is there anyway i can make this public and exploit my "prestigous" school? considering the sophomore that married my teacher had complpete parental consent. teacher=35, student=16.

clff notes
thought i knew my pastor, i guess not, he married a sophomore in my highschool. we all had so sign legal contracts saying we would not make any official statemens or any increminating statement about school officials without the schools consent, so im wondering whats my play now. teahers age 35, students age 16 w/ parental consent, they have been married for two years.