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Default Re: Official Washington exposes Hawai\'i the Fraud Thread


How is it hypocritical. Getting dominated by a last place major conference team early then luckboxing out a late win do nothing but prove that they are a fraud who deserves zero top 25 votes.

[/ QUOTE ]

wow instead of "luckboxing out late wins" maybe they should lose twice?

or maybe they should beat michigan state by a touchdown and lose to a 4 loss team?

It is a good thing we have voters who seem impressed with the way ohio state and lsu lost, so we don't have luckboxing undefeated hawai'i playing for anything.

i think equally as insane as the hawai'i debacle is kansas. they play in THE BIG TWELVE and have lost ONE game (to the #3 team in the country). Yet they are behind TWO LOSS lsu.

So in other words, now not only is every single team not in a major conference's season mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, now we can deduce that half the teams in the major conferences don't have a chance either.

why don't we just take ohio st, texas, oklahoma, lsu, florida, usc, and create a playoff with those two teams. Then we could save the effort of watching the the charade of the rest of the college football season.

[/ QUOTE ]

Why on earth are you responding to me? I did not say that quote you quoted.
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