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Default Re: BFI November [censored] thread

i think US equities right now are a pretty shaky investment...i dunno why you would buy

[/ QUOTE ]

Care to elaborate? Some of them? Nearly all of them? Where did I specify only US equities? Multinationals are going back up after this mini-correction. I am referring to some short term traders right now and anyone who wants a long term position in some of the more solid US banks and a select few tech stocks. I even like the price of some of the retailers heading into the holiday season.

Now all that being said and asked; in my positions thread I have been concentrating on puts so on specific stocks I agree with you. I just bought MSFT $37.50 puts, made money on my GS puts and plan on buying puts on Google and buying December $110 calls on Garmin.

I increased my position in XMSR substantially and am planning on getting back into UA at any price under $58. Also would buy YHOO under $30.

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