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However, the uniqueness of Q7 is that since it is 50% against a random hand, you can move in with any stack size (against one other random hand) since the blinds will always give you slightly better than 1:1 odds.

If I am wrong here, I would be gracious if somebody could point out my error.

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It's wrong since your opponent isn't calling with a random hand. When he has a bad hand, he folds and you win a small pot. When he has a good hand, you'll be worse than 50/50 and will likely lose a big pot. Those "slightly more than 1:1 odds" are irrelevant.


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Let me rephrase this.

Let's say it is heads up, I always have the SB (i.e. button) and I am always dealt Q7. Say it is a cash game and I have an adequate bankroll to buy-in many times.

My strategy with my Q7 is to move all-in every time. Is there any strategy BB can employ such that I will not win in this situation in the long run?
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