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Default Why Choose RakeReduction??

Why should I pick Rake Reduction as my affiliate?

You will be hard pressed to find a dissatisfied rakeback player who belongs to our program. We currently have a player base of around 14,000 players who check their rakeback daily at

We typically only cater to the "Big 3" poker rakeback sites, that being Full Tilt, Absolute and Ultimate Bet. We decided to concentrate on these 3 sites, as the majority of rakeback players typically only want these sites. We also have Unique offers at PokerStars & Mansion poker.

Here are the reasons we feel you should choose RakeReduction over everone else:

This is the biggest, ask yourself: Does your affiliate allow you to cashout ANYTIME? Everyday if you want? Twice a day? The answer is usually a resounding NO. RakeReduction allows you to cashout whenever you want. This alone should be the KEY reason you sign up with us. Read the fine print at other sites, they will give you your money once per month into your poker account. No matter the site, you can cashout whenever you want, no waiting!

Unique refer a friend program where YOU choose what % to give your friend, and what % off his rake you keep.

Your own Landing Page where you can become your own affiliate (Again, you get to choose the %s here)

5 Tier Referral Program! Now if your friend refers a friend, you will get a piece of his rake down 5 tiers.

MGR Cash Prize Contests that run 3 times per month and pay down 15 places.

Referral Cash Prize Contests that run 3 times per month and pay down 10 places.

Daily Update Stats

Built in Sub-Affiliate program where you can just add code to your existing webpage to start offering rakeback (Email For Sub-Affiliate Rates)

Near 24/7 Support on our website internal email system, normal emails and AIM \ MSN support.

6 Methods to cashout your rake (Soon up to 8)

We will soon have a UNIQUE weekly freeroll event at

With all that said, let me explain some of the features to you and tell you a little bit about us. We have been around Since December of 2004 with a staff of 7. We are currently located in Sweden with an office soon to follow in Malta.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on our reputation. You will be hard pressed to find anything bad about us. We try to answer every email, every instant message as quickly as possible.

We were the first site to take a risk and pay players even before we got paid. We are still one of the only ones to do this. Affiliate sites KNOW they will get paid, so why wait? We let players cashout EVERYDAY if they want to. We are big enough to cover the costs before we even get paid. Players simply love this. This alone should be a very key selling point when choosing a rakeback site.

We offer the most unique referral system you will find. Alot of sites will give you 2%-5% of your referrals commision, we offer anything you want, a lifetime % of your referrals ACTUAL PLAY. What does that mean?

You take your % and add 1%. So let's say for example, you are getting 36% Rakeback at Mansion Poker. You would then have 36+1% to work with when referring your friends. You could take that 37% and divide it up anyway you choose. You could give your friend 30% and you could keep 7%, you could give him 36% and keep 1%, as long as it equals 37%. There are rules on how much you can offer etc (FT & Absolute caps etc).

So is this system better? Let's break it down.
If a site offers you 2% off your referrals commision, is that better than our system? Let's assume your friend puts 100$ into the rake and gets 25% rakeback. That means his commision is 25$ and if you get 2% off 25$, you just made .50 cents or .5% off your referral. Not as good when you look at it that way. Our new referral system goes down 5 Tiers!

Please feel free to private message us here, or email us at
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