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Default Re: explosion of coaching site spam and the fact? that mods are involv

discussions of the best coaches for your buck is similar to talking about which site has the best fish, lowest rake ect. Allowing people to have those avatars is similar to allowing a poker site to post threads about how awesome they are, which is considered spam.

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I disagree. It's a fine line to say that aejones or MDMA or whoever else isn't allowed to put "Coaching" in their location, but it's ok to have a long thread in which it is made quite clear that they are coaching. It's not like some random guy in OOT is going to see MDMA post something and be like "hmm coaching, I don't play poker seriously but this is appealing!"

It's people who probably already read MSNL that would possibly be influenced by such knowledge, so having a "Best MSNL coach" thread up on the front page isn't exactly going to go unnoticed by this particular demographic.

Moreover, it's hard to say that people who actually work for Legopoker/3bet/some other site can't spam/post URLs when all these people have a ton of friends who are willing to do it for them.
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