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Default Re: SLOTBOOM WORKS...?

There's a 5/10 local live game that is perfect for 'peddling' aces, and I'll buy in for the min and this strategy has not worked out well for me.

All-in for 2.8k PF with AAJTds vs KJ35 unsuited, lost when he turns trip threes.

All-in with KKJTds for $1800, my friend who I have staked had AA75us and was all-in for $800. The other guy had K266ss, and won when he flopped quads.

Particularly, the guy who flopped quads never folds preflop. If you 3/4-bet him, he'll say "I know what you got, them aces." And call any amount of his stack away just to crack them.

Had several -5k nights 'Slotbooming'.

God, I run bad at live Omaha.

[/ QUOTE ]Well, it is pretty obvious the tactic has huge variance. You could almost compare it to coin flip since in Omaha almost no hand is big dog like in Hold 'em.
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