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Default Re: SLOTBOOM WORKS...?

hi all...

what u think bout the slotboom strategy? i really think it works...

anyone else made any experiences??

played tables from $0.25 to $2!! the best results cam from the $2 tables!

[/ QUOTE ]

Myself and another 2+2 poster have done a long analysis of the Slotboom shortstacking strategy and we have found that it is so good that it both underused and should be expanded.

The other poster did most of the work so I feel a little uncomfortable posting the results, but I will summarize the main findings:

Because the people at these levels are so bad you make money by playing about 40% of all hands and raising in the last 3 positions.

And when people are a little passive and you can only get 25-40% of your stack in preflop, then make sure that you don't get bluffed out.
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