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Default Re: LO8 - Two similar hands with nut low and high draw

Hi Roggles -

Hand #1 - Fine. Just one little suggestion: I'd just call the raise on the second betting round rather than re-raise. Not a big deal, but I think you make your holding a bit less obvious.

Your hand is a pulling hand before the flop, and still a pulling hand after the flop. It turns into a pushing hand after the turn. I like betting the flop once, but not jamming.

Hand #2 - Again fine except this time maybe you tip your hand too soon by raising pre-flop. A good player would tend to read you fairly easily. Possibly as a result of that, you don't have any customers on the 3rd and 4th betting rounds.

And that's too bad because your hand is a pulling hand all the way (meaning you want to pull customers in rather than push opponents out).

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